Vulnerability Management

Categorize and prioritize vulnerabilities

How It Works

From Build Production to Right Now

Your infrastructure and applications depend on third-party components, and if vulnerabilities are ever found, attackers will rush to create and deliver exploits. Deepfence ThreatMapper categorizes and prioritizes vulnerabilities so you know what you need to fix first.

Scanning at Build Is Not Enough

If you rely on scanning your applications at build time alone, you risk missing newly-discovered vulnerabilities, and you have no sight of issues with third-party applications that are deployed to your production platforms. ThreatMapper scans your entire production platform, in real-time.

Production Scanning with Minimal Impact

ThreatMapper inventories your production hosts, applications, and containers and submits a manifest to your Deepfence Console. Vulnerability analysis is performed on your Deepfence Console, minimizing the production impact and maximizing efficiency.

Intelligent Vulnerability Ranking

Knowing the list of possible vulnerabilities is not enough. ThreatMapper categorizes and prioritizes issues based on their severity, exploitability, and proximity to your attack surface, giving you the insight you need to address the highest threats first.

Broad Alerting Integrations

Bring key information to the attention of those who need it most. Integrate Deepfence products with Slack, PagerDuty, Teams, Jira, and other common enterprise notification systems. Notify developers of builds that fail vulnerability scans, notify DevSecOps of run-time threats as they escalate, and generate reports to track long-term security trends.

Did you know?

ThreatMapper can scan artifacts in your registries, including Docker, DockerHub, AWS ECR, Azure, GCR, Red Hat Quay, and JFrog. Perform a final check on containers, pods, and third-party applications before they are deployed to production.

ThreatMapper can be embedded into your CI pipeline, inspecting artifacts at build time and blocking the build if they fail to meet your vulnerability requirements.

Stay one step ahead of attackers with Deepfence.

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