Deepfence’s Sandeep Lahane Featured on the Cloud Native Startup Podcast with Emily Omier

Deepfence’s Sandeep Lahane Featured on the Cloud Native Startup Podcast with Emily Omier
May 17, 2022

Deepfence CEO and founder, Sandeep Lahane, recently had a chance to catch up with Emily Omier, a strategist and consultant who helps cloud native startups with their positioning. Sandeep joined Emily on her podcast, aptly named “Cloud Native Startup.” 

Whether you’re newly acquainted with Deepfence or a longtime fan, this episode is definitely worth a listen. Emily and Sandeep cover a lot of ground in about 30 minutes (plus a nice 6-minute bonus episode). Diving right into business strategy, they talk about Deepfence’s unique open-source-first approach, which prioritizes growing the ThreatMapper project and its community over ThreatStryker, our separate but related enterprise solution. By offering security observability to any organization that wants it, we believe it will become an essential part of cybersecurity – something as prevalent as ssh, telnet, or vim/emacs. Sandeep describes the fundamental importance and benefits of having an MRI scan for your cloud native apps and infrastructure through which you can achieve security observability, regardless of the cloud modalities, cloud providers, or third-party integrations you use. Deep security observability should be available to all, regardless of your current state on the security evolution continuum.

It’s this conviction — the idea that enterprises need to be able to know what’s going on in their production environments — that drives Deepfence as an organization. By delivering something of tremendous value to the community immediately and at no cost, we are also able to grow our enterprise customers. ThreatMapper identifies and prioritizes the threats that are most critical to the security of applications and workloads in production. For organizations that need help taking action to automatically target and remediate the issues that ThreatMapper brings to light, there is ThreatStryker. Essentially, it picks up where ThreatMapper ends and enables security teams of all sizes to protect their production environments with targeted precision. 

Beyond business strategy, Sandeep and Emily talk about the state of the cybersecurity industry. It’s no surprise that Sandeep founded Deepfence with a critical gap in mind: the divide between development and production. The industry is saturated with shift left tools that offer better ways to create and deploy secure code, but it lacks continuity with what happens once code is out running in the wild.  

And finally, because no podcast is complete without some words of wisdom from someone who has learned and grown from challenging real life challenges, Sandeep offers up some of his past entrepreneurial learning experiences, which are particularly interesting for technologists trying to launch their own ventures. Listen in for all this and more – including where Sandeep finds some of his best hires.