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How It Works

Securing Container Workloads

Whether you are deploying on a Kubernetes-managed container platform, on an AWS Fargate serverless platform, or directly to Docker, Deepfence solutions check your containers for vulnerabilities, monitor network and on-container events, and provide integrated security against threats.

Seamless support for Kubernetes pods

Deployed as a daemonset, the ThreatMapper sensor is a low-impact, zero-touch security observability solution for Kubernetes environments. A separate, secured and sandboxed Deepfence Console receives telemetry from your Kubernetes production platforms, assesses threats, and monitors security-related activity.

Serverless support for AWS Fargate containers

Deployed as a sidecar container, ThreatMapper provides full security for serverless workloads that scales and evolves with your serverless application. Inspect the flows between your serverless applications and monitor your attack surface for weak points.

Sidecar support for containers

Deployed as a sidecar container for other container runtime environments, ThreatMapper scans your workloads for vulnerable dependencies, in CI, in registry, and in production. Runtime telemetry observes on-container and on-network events. ThreatStryker then infers both known and unknown attacker behaviors.

Single console, multiple clusters

The Deepfence Console secures, correlates and observes multiple, hybrid environments from a single point of control. Manage complex production environments, observe vulnerabilities in pre-production registries and at QA, and even check containers at build time and beyond.

Did you know?

ThreatMapper’s flexibility arises from a uniquely lightweight architecture that puts minimal requirements on your production platforms and offloads complex analysis, correlation and remediation to a separate, sandboxed console. The Deepfence Console is architected as a series of microservices, and can be deployed on a dedicated Kubernetes cluster or a standalone docker runtime.

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