Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) is an industry term that describes platforms that combine cloud workload protection platforms (CWPP) + cloud security posture management (CSPM) capabilities.


Cloud-native security solutions are designed to consolidate security tools and provide a unified view of the security posture of the environment. CNAPP makes it easier to manage security and respond to threats along with reducing costs and complexity of managing multiple vendors and licenses.

Deepfence Solutions

Workload Protection

Zero in on Threats: With Deepfence, protect your workloads across diverse environments by swiftly detecting and neutralizing potential threats, ensuring the integrity of your digital assets.

Automated Response: Our solution provides automated responses to threats, isolating tainted workloads and blocking both internal and external attackers to prevent further exploits and lateral spread.

Security Observability

Unprecedented Visibility: Comprehensive security observability empowers you with deep insights into your entire digital ecosystem, identifying vulnerabilities and suspicious actions in real time.

Contextual Understanding: Our solution offers a profound understanding of your cloud, network, and application layers, enabling you to detect, prioritize, and respond to threats efficiently.

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Vulnerability Management

Proactive Threat Management: Advanced vulnerability management allows you to proactively discover, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities, reducing the attack surface and boosting your security posture.

Data-driven Risk Prioritization: Leverage our ThreatGraph for intelligent risk prioritization, efficiently focusing on high-impact threats and maintaining a robust defense. We eliminate 97% of security white noise.

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Streamlined Compliance: Deepfence offers continuous compliance assessments using industry and community standard benchmarks, ensuring you stay compliant and audit-ready at all times across diverse environments.

Automated Reporting: Generate automated, detailed compliance reports to demonstrate adherence to various regulatory frameworks (CIS, NIST, PCI, etc.) and internal policies.

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Secure Kubernetes

End-to-End Kube Security: Protect your Kubernetes clusters with Deepfence's comprehensive security solution, offering in-depth visibility, threat detection, and mitigation across your entire Kubernetes environment.

Automated Kube Protection: Automate security across your Kubernetes deployments and maintain a resilient infrastructure with Deepfence's dynamic threat detection and response mechanisms.

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Secure Serverless

Robust Serverless Security: Deepfence's solution offers comprehensive protection for your serverless architecture, identifying and remediating potential threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

Real-Time Threat Detection: Experience real-time threat detection and response in your serverless environment, ensuring seamless operations and robust security with Deepfence.

Secure Containers

Full-Spectrum Container Security: Secure your containerized applications with Deepfence's comprehensive security solution, offering deep visibility and protection against vulnerabilities and threats.

Continuous  Monitoring: Deepfence provides continuous monitoring of your containerized environments, enabling early detection and swift response to potential threats, ensuring resilient operations.

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Secure Clouds

Unified Cloud Security: Deepfence offers a unified security platform to protect your cloud infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and threats across multiple clouds.

Seamless Cloud Protection: With Deepfence's cloud-native security solutions, safeguard your cloud instances, detect abnormal behavior, and respond to threats swiftly and effectively, neutralizing them in real-time.

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What security experts are saying about Deepfence

Matt Lehman
Head of Payment Security, Amazon Pay

“There’s a lot of cloud native security solutions out there, but none cut down the alert fatigue and do it with the lightweight footprint that Deepfence does. I can see kill chains through my entire compute stack in a consistent way, whether it’s bare metal, elastic compute, containers, or serverless.”

Nick Reva
Engineering Manager, Security Engineering, Snapchat

“With ThreatMapper, Deepfence is rolling out what I see as another credible open source win for the industry – ThreatGraph, which provides a substantive range of threat detection, and more – combined into a single, easy-to-use open source tool.”

Mahesh Venugopala
Director of Security

“Deepfence is an essential security preventive and detective solution for cloud and container native environments. It deploys in minutes, rapidly scales, and provides security and visibility with its cloud-native DPI engine.”

Kevin Paige

“We chose Deepfence after carefully evaluating options due to Deepfence’s ability to perform Deep Packet Inspection of inter container and inter virtual machine traffic without adding additional latency to our data path. Deepfence is lightweight, scales well, and is the only solution that protects the entire cloud native continuum of Kubernetes, virtual machines, and serverless.”

Head of Security

“Deepfence’s runtime protection is a perfect match for our tightly run production Kubernetes clusters. It satisfies our stringent resource requirements while providing unprecedented visibility within our clusters with its DPI engine.”

Mehul Patel
Director of Security

“Deepfence has developed a platform that directly speaks to the value chain of any security minded organization by delivering information and functionality that is succinct, impactful, directed at modern workloads while still protecting legacy ones, and actionable via automation and integrations; the future of cybersecurity.”