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Operationalizing Cloud Security with Deepfence ThreatMapper

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In this free Udacity lesson developed by Nick Reva, Head of Corporate Security Engineering at Snap, you will learn how to implement high-level cloud security programs using Deepfence ThreatMapper for enterprise environments. Nick has been leading security engineering teams in big tech for over a decade and this course is part of his vision to democratize security for all organizations using top-notch, enterprise-grade, open-source tools.

Learn how to seamlessly execute end-to-end cloud security engineering and operations processes:

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)

  • How Deepfence ThreatMapper Fits In
  • Deepfence Architecture Overview

Install and configure Deepfence

  • Install Deepfence ThreatMapper Management Console
  • Configure the Deepfence ThreatMapper Management Console
  • Deploying the Deepfence sensors
  • Configuring Cloud Scanner for Microsoft Azure

Operationalize Deepfence

  • Understand Deepfence ThreatMapper's Threat Graph
  • Scan production workloads for vulnerabilities
  • Scan for secrets and malware
  • Scan for hardened posture/compliance and image registries.
  • Integrate with third-party products.

ThreatMapper Enterprise Integrations

  • Scanning during CI/CD
  • Integrating with SIEM

ThreatMapper works with:


Sensors are deployed as a daemonset, a common pattern for log, metrics, monitoring, and security services that run alongside Kubernetes workloads in a non-intrusive manner.


Sensors are deployed as a Docker container on each Docker host.

Bare metal and VM-based platforms

Sensors are deployed as a Docker container on each operating system instance, using a Docker runtime. Both Windows and Linux instances are supported.


Deepfence supports AWS Fargate, where sensors are deployed as a daemon service alongside each serverless instance.

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