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How It Works

Serverless with Containers

AWS Fargate empowers you to deploy containers in a fully usage-based manner, without you needing to manage and secure a container orchestrator such as Kubernetes. ThreatMapper and ThreatStryker check your AWS Fargate workloads for vulnerabilities, monitor network and on-container events, and provide integrated security against threats.

Serverless support for AWS Fargate

ThreatMapper comes with out-of-the-box support for AWS Fargate. Deployed as a sidecar container, ThreatMapper provides comprehensive security for serverless workloads that scales and evolves with your application. Inspect the flows between your serverless applications and monitor your attack surface for weak points.

Map threats and verify compliance

ThreatMapper is deployed alongside serverless workloads, and immediately checks for vulnerable software components and maps them to your internal and external attack surface. Fully supporting hybrid and multi-cloud environments, ThreatMapper integrates serverless security with the security you need for your other workloads.

Identify and quarantine tainted workloads

Should ThreatStryker detect that a workload has been tainted, it will immediately terminate the serverless instance. AWS Fargate will then redeploy serverless instances from a known good state as needed, ensuring capacity is maintained and users are not impacted.

Full visibility of security events

ThreatMapper captures all relevant security-related events, including network traffic (layer-7 DPI) and in-container integrity events such as process or file system anomalies. No other solution gives the depth of visibility that ThreatMapper can capture – all without invasive kernel modules or application changes.

Did you know?

Deepfence technology supports hybrid environments. From a single Deepfence Console you can observe and manage security events across multiple deployment platforms, including serverless, Kubernetes, clouds, virtual machines, and bare metal.

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