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Protect, Detect, and Respond with the Deepfence CNAPP

Workload Protection

Zero in on Threats: With Deepfence, protect your workloads across diverse environments by swiftly detecting and neutralizing potential threats, ensuring the integrity of your digital assets.

Automated Response: Our solution provides automated responses to threats, isolating tainted workloads and blocking both internal and external attackers to prevent further exploits and lateral spread.

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Security Observability

Unprecedented Visibility: Comprehensive security observability empowers you with deep insights into your entire digital ecosystem, identifying vulnerabilities and suspicious actions in real time.

Contextual Understanding: Our solution offers a profound understanding of your cloud, network, and application layers, enabling you to detect, prioritize, and respond to threats efficiently.

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Vulnerability Management

Proactive Threat Management: Advanced vulnerability management allows you to proactively discover, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities, reducing the attack surface and boosting your security posture.

Data-driven Risk Prioritization: Leverage our ThreatGraph for intelligent risk prioritization, efficiently focusing on high-impact threats and maintaining a robust defense. We eliminate 97% of security white noise.

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Streamlined Compliance: Deepfence offers continuous compliance assessments using industry and community standard benchmarks, ensuring you stay compliant and audit-ready at all times across diverse environments.

Automated Reporting: Generate automated, detailed compliance reports to demonstrate adherence to various regulatory frameworks (CIS, NIST, PCI, etc.) and internal policies.

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Secure Kubernetes

End-to-End Kube Security: Protect your Kubernetes clusters with Deepfence's comprehensive security solution, offering in-depth visibility, threat detection, and mitigation across your entire Kubernetes environment.

Automated Kube Protection: Automate security across your Kubernetes deployments and maintain a resilient infrastructure with Deepfence's dynamic threat detection and response mechanisms.

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Secure Serverless

Robust Serverless Security: Deepfence's solution offers comprehensive protection for your serverless architecture, identifying and remediating potential threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

Real-Time Threat Detection: Experience real-time threat detection and response in your serverless environment, ensuring seamless operations and robust security with Deepfence.

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Secure Containers

Full-Spectrum Container Security: Secure your containerized applications with Deepfence's comprehensive security solution, offering deep visibility and protection against vulnerabilities and threats.

Continuous  Monitoring: Deepfence provides continuous monitoring of your containerized environments, enabling early detection and swift response to potential threats, ensuring resilient operations.

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Secure Clouds

Unified Cloud Security: Deepfence offers a unified security platform to protect your cloud infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and threats across multiple clouds.

Seamless Cloud Protection: With Deepfence's cloud-native security solutions, safeguard your cloud instances, detect abnormal behavior, and respond to threats swiftly and effectively, neutralizing them in real-time.

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