A Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) that provides next generation runtime attack analysis, threat assessment, and targeted runtime protection for your cloud infrastructure and applications. Available on premises or in the cloud.

Map threats.

Observe attack behavior.

Stay ahead of attackers and neutralize zero-day attacks.

Stay ahead of the curve with ThreatStryker, a cutting-edge CNAPP that seamlessly observes, correlates, and learns to protect your applications, empowering you to outsmart attackers.

A holistic look at runtime threats

Experience the power of Deepfence ThreatStryker as it uncovers every active container, process, and host, delivering a dynamic, color-coded, interactive topology. With precision, ThreatStryker audits cloud workloads, detecting vulnerable elements, and scrutinizing configurations to reveal misconfigurations in file systems, processes, and networks. Elevate your compliance by leveraging ThreatStryker's assessment capabilities using industry and community-standard benchmarks.

Threat intelligence and anomaly-based detection for modern environments

Discover the prowess of ThreatStryker as it conducts in-depth analysis of network traffic, system, and application behavior, while accumulating suspicious events over time. By classifying and correlating events against known vulnerabilities and dubious behavioral patterns, ThreatStryker efficiently detects active threats with minimal false positives, ensuring optimal security for your organization.

Deploy targeted remediation against active threats to neutralize them in their tracks

Experience the power of ThreatStryker as it identifies suspicious behavioral patterns and swiftly determines the intent behind them. With precise and targeted remedial actions, ThreatStryker handles tainted workloads by deleting, freezing, or restarting them, while blocking attack traffic sources temporarily or permanently. Seamlessly integrated with SIEM and monitoring systems, it raises alerts and effectively halts attackers in their tracks, neutralizing threats and preventing lateral spread.

Deepfence CNAPP

100% Open Core

Experience the power of open core with ThreatStryker, a next-gen CNAPP built upon the foundation of Deepfence's ThreatMapper open source security observability platform. ThreatStryker enhances ThreatMapper with a state-of-the-art real-time correlation engine, seamlessly integrating threat maps with live telemetry. This intelligent system identifies ongoing attacks and swiftly deploys ThreatStryker's advanced mitigations to neutralize threats and halt lateral spread, safeguarding your digital assets.


Scan Seamlessly from Build to Production

Safeguard your Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline with proactive build artifact scanning

Ensure pre-deployment security by scanning container registries for vulnerabilities

Fortify your production environments with comprehensive host, container, and application vulnerability assessments

Targeted Remediation to Neutralize Threats

Experience seamless auto-quarantine of compromised workloads, effectively containing breaches as they occur

Benefit from automatic, targeted firewalling to neutralize traffic, rapidly responding to any signs of intrusion

Gain fine-grained control tailored to attacker behavior and adherence to compliance policies, strengthening your security posture

Establish True Security Observability with Context

Gain unparalleled security observability across application, cloud, and network layers with ThreatMapper's eBPF sensors

Obtain deep context and insights to fortify your digital assets and infrastructure against evolving threats

Empower your organization with a holistic understanding of your security posture, enhancing decision-making and risk management

eBPF - Uncompromised Visibility and Protection

Leverage the power of eBPF for unparalleled visibility, delivering precise traffic capture and analysis across your infrastructure

Benefit from eBPF's lightweight, low-impact approach, ensuring optimal performance while providing robust security protection

Utilize eBPF technology to enhance threat detection and response, fortifying your environment against ever-evolving cyber threats

Comprehensive Security Scanning & Risk Prioritization

Experience security scanning across vulnerabilities, exposed secrets, misconfigurations, and malware

Leverage ThreatMapper's intelligent ThreatGraph for data-driven risk prioritization

Streamline your security efforts by efficiently focusing on high-impact threats, reducing overall risk, and maintaining a robust defense

Advanced Detection & Response Capabilities

Harness the power of our cutting-edge correlation engine to detect and respond to ongoing attack attempts

Implement Cyber Kill Chain modeling to comprehensively counteract attacks, from reconnaissance to exfiltration

Gain in-depth forensic insights by analyzing signals and indicators across extended timeframes for fortified security

Work Where You Like With Integrations & Notifications

Seamlessly integrate with CI/CD pipelines, elevating build failure alerts directly to your development team

Experience tailored production notifications, accommodating multiple apps and teams for optimal collaboration

Enjoy extensive compatibility with popular tools like Slack, PagerDuty, Teams, Jira, Splunk, ElasticSearch, SumoLogic, and more, allowing you to work in the platforms you love

Continuous Compliance for Today's Modern Environments

Effortlessly navigate complex compliance requirements with ThreatMapper's comprehensive approach.

Identify gaps in your security posture, receiving actionable guidance for improvement.

Stay ahead of ever-changing regulations and protect your organization from penalties and reputational damage


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Need an Enterprise Grade Platform? Try ThreatStryker

ThreatStryker Enterprise is a fully-supported version of ThreatMapper. It adds runtime telemetry and a sophisticated correlation engine that observes activity in your application in real time and detects emerging threats and attacks. Compare product features to find out which one is right for you.

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