Security Observability: The Missing Link in Your Cloud Native Security Toolset

Security Observability: The Missing Link in Your Cloud Native Security Toolset
July 8, 2022

The cybersecurity industry is a complex landscape populated by many different tools that solve many different problems: managing vulnerabilities, preventing misconfigurations, protecting workloads, detecting ransomware, and so on. For these known issues, there are many widely available solutions. But what about unknown security risks – the issues that you cannot see?

Modern Threats Require a Fresh Perspective

Deepfence approaches security with an innovative perspective based on the understanding that modern day attackers are highly sophisticated and know what security teams are looking for. Oftentimes, they are savvy enough to go undetected. But what if there was a way to identify even the most subtle indicators of attack before any actual damage is done? 

Open source ThreatMapper and enterprise ThreatStryker are next-level visibility solutions that work across clouds, containers, Kubernetes, virtual machines, and bare metal to observe anomalous traffic across your entire cloud native estate — ingress traffic, egress traffic, and changes across your applications and infrastructure. Through these capabilities, ThreatMapper and ThreatStryker understand the topology of applications and environments to learn in real time how the components communicate, which receive traffic from outside, and how they then communicate internally.  

Seeing the Bigger Picture

We’ve built solutions that give security teams a leading edge against their adversaries. Our holistic approach to achieving better security through visibility and runtime context does not fit squarely into a set category of network, application, or cloud security — let alone any of the many subcategories. 

Our approach aligns with what Forrester analysts have called security observability. Security observability is different from traditional observability because it is based on what is happening rather than measuring what has happened. Instead of relying solely on metrics, errors, logs, and traces, security observability is deeply tied to understanding security actions and behaviors. It is all about being able to surface your current threat landscape and attack paths, first and foremost. After all, how can you fix something you cannot see?

We put together a must-have guide all about security observability. It’ll walk you through each level of security observability maturity and explain why cloud native security observability is essential for you. 

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To read more about security observability and how Deepfence’s innovative approach can help you, download our new guide, Security Observability: Cyberdefense’s New Frontier.